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Real "Mayhem In The Morra"

Real "Mayhem In The Morra"

Nov 26, 2016, 4:16 AM 0

         I had faced sicillian defence aganist e4 in many games which I struggled to keep advantage,but loses because of lack of theory and unfamilarity of the positions.i have got a book on closed sicillian.I have gone through the book,I atleast got some theory.I have applied in my games but I failed to get comfortable positons.I was looking videos in youtube for creating my own opening repertoire aganist sicillian.It was the great Mikhail tal's game.this is the link of the video by GJ_chess


Here is the game

I think you have enjoyed the game.After watching the video I felt much inspired to play smith-morra.I played the game without applying theory and the kind of same moves that I saw in the video but in the end I won with the back rank mate
Here is the game
Feel free to comment.Hope you enjoed it,See you next time!

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