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Russian Game, Part 1

Russian Game, Part 1

Jul 7, 2016, 5:13 AM 1

     Russian Game also called Petrov's Defence is an perfect equaliser for black aganist e4.this opening was popularised by Alexander Petrov.this opening offers attacking chances for both sides,It is like a black's counter-attack in the center.Grandmasters Anatoly Karpov, Artur Yusupov, Vasily Smyslov, Frank Marshall, Vladimir Kramnik, and Harry Pillsbury have frequently played the Petrov as Black.


                                                        Alexander Petrov


 I frequently used this opening aganist e4.I enjoyed it playing because it fits my style of playing chess.There are several variations in this opening.In this article I am going to discuss a variation(which is named by myself) where queens are traded ,which is called Petrov's Defence,Endgame variation.It is very rich in queenless middlegames ,this type of variation is faced frequently in my games.It is charatrised by

         Boris Spassky vs Viktor Korchnoi,Brussels 1985
 At frist i saw this then i was shocked because even the grandmaster used this opening.The game ended in a draw, we can see the power of this opening in the grandmaster level also
Boris Spassky vs Tigran Vartanovich Petrosian
OMG!even the positional wizard Tigran Petrosian played this variation.This is much similar to the previous game and this also ended up in draw
Jan Timman vs Anatoly Karpov
Next game is between Jan Timman and Anatoly Karpov in which black won
   Hope you enjoed my article.I will be back soon with the part 2 of this article.Please share your thoughts in the comment boxhappy.png

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