A World Champion's Caro-Kann Counter
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A World Champion's Caro-Kann Counter

GM Illingworth

For today's blog post, I would like to show you how a World Chess Champion defeats the rock-solid Caro-Kann Defence.

The opening concept is so easy to understand, it will be sufficient to share two game scores:

Now, we can say that the element of surprise was not a factor in the above game, in light of a previous test...
Now, what if Black is tricky and replies 2...e5, transposing to the Bishop's Opening? In that case, I have an example of my own:
Mikhail Tal proved far ahead of his time, for against Fischer's 1.e4, he pushed his c-pawn one square, held the pawn in place, smiled at Fischer, then moved it two squares forward. I expect this trend to increase in popularity as the infamy of 2.Bc4 against the Caro-Kann becomes more widespread.