Capablanca's Copycat Game in the Four Knights
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Capablanca's Copycat Game in the Four Knights

GM Illingworth
Feb 14, 2019, 12:22 PM |

This post is all about Capablanca's famous 'Copycat' game, which many of my students have shared with me over the years. So, I have included my own notes...but first, try and find all of Capablanca's moves yourself!

Now, for the game with my notes:
How should Black play the opening instead? My recommendation goes to the Rubinstein Variation, 4...Nd4, which can lead to quite interesting play if White retreats the bishop:
Perhaps the main disadvantage of 4...Nd4 from a practical perspective is that White can trade a lot of pieces quite quickly and reach an equal endgame, but the next model game shows that this doesn't automatically lead to a draw:
Now, which Capablanca game does this one remind you of?
Have you played the Spanish Four Knights? Not sure about one of the variations? Ask in the comments below!