Enjoying Other Bloggers' Blogs!

Enjoying Other Bloggers' Blogs!

GM Illingworth

Update 8-18-19: Annotated game included.

How do you keep up with the wide range of great chess content available online? 

Back when I was a professional chess player, I would be very eager to stay 'up to date' with the latest games, including the latest news stories and articles that had been written. At some point it was even an addiction, where I had taken a good habit too far...much like someone who checks their Facebook feed too much!  

What I do now, is go through the Chess.com Top Blogs every couple of weeks, and make a note of nice examples, posts and lessons. 

Since I am doing this anyway...why not share the highlights with my readers too?

Of course, every Top Blogger on Chess.com is there for a reason, so this post is more about what made the greatest impression on me, rather than what are the 'best posts' per se.

First, I was particularly impressed by Kalamakanta's recent posts, which have a large number of nicely annotated games, many of which are particularly beautiful, striking and instructive! It was from his post on Magic in Chess that I remembered the following brilliancy, which I share in my latest video:

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You can also play through detailed notes of the full game below, which covers a few extra alternatives compared to the video. Thank you to Kalamakanta for sharing these annotations with me!

I'd like to thank Sam Copeland for sharing with me how to set up the above red link - I greatly appreciate it! I also greatly appreciate his posts, where he writes nice annotations to Grandmaster games, and also presents them in video format. This post on Anand's brilliant win vs. Bologan is just one good example. 

I also noticed that, much like IM Christopher Yoo, IM Aditya Mittal is another young player with a talent for chess composition! His endgame studies will certainly get you thinking - click this link to join the discussion on his latest endgame study. 

Although I don't speak any Spanish, I quite liked the post by Jose Manuel Lopez Nieto, which is one of the clearest demonstrations of key rook endgames that I have seen recently. It's well worth translating and reading for yourself, if you aren't sure how to handle rook endgames such as the one below, with Black to move: 

Try to defend the position yourself as Black, then check Jose's post to see how you should hold the 'Bad Philidor' position!

Another great post was on the Karpov-Kortschnoj match, with many great examples as well as stories!

Also, if you are not sure when you should use Stockfish vs. Leela Chess Zero for analysis, you can enjoy Han Schut's nice comparison between the two here!

If you are a chess coach, then it's very likely that you coach many children, and therefore, have the task of not just educating your students, but also their parents. How should we go about this? This detailed interview with Lyudmila Belavenets, translated by Alexey Spectre, is absolutely a must read. Not just for the hilarious stories, but for the fantastic advice on supporting juniors through their chess journey, and helping their parents do the same. 

There are many more posts I would love to mention, but I will conclude by saying that JarlCalander's recent posts (both his and his guest posts) are extremely entertaining, but also very insightful about bughouse! I am not sure when I last laughed so much while reading a blog post on chess variants...

That's my summary of the Chess.com posts published in July thus far! Thanks for reading, and if you liked this post, you're going to love my other posts  

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GM Max Illingworth

August 17, 2019