Epic Knight Underpromotion! (Endgame Study)

Epic Knight Underpromotion! (Endgame Study)

GM Illingworth

Can you crack this monster of an endgame study by Y. Bazlov, released in 2015?

It's a path that many a brave Knight has travelled...but very few have lived to tell the tale of their encounter with the mysterious monster...known as this endgame study?

Only when you have answered the 5 questions...I mean, 3 questions...will you be able to cross the Bridge of Death, and achieve the Holy Grail...of solving a very difficult chess puzzle!

Here is your quest:

White to play and win!

What is your answer to the above quest?

Perhaps you are still thinking about it.

(40 Minutes Later)

Don't forget, you have three lifelines!

You can either ask the audience (comment below, asking for help), phone a friend (a human friend, not Stockfish or Lc0), or do a 50-50 (leaving you with only one good move and one bad move to consider). 

I will be right back after the break, with the solution...wait, was that someone coughing in the audience?  

On a serious note - I will share the answer in the comments in about 2 days. 

Good luck, and may your path to the Holy Grail be a bountiful one. 

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