Hackin' the Dragon!

GM Illingworth

I recently asked my audience: what openings are the most difficult to meet in their own games?

One of the main trends I noticed was that club players seem to have a harder time dealing with king's fianchetto systems, such as the Dragon, King's Indian, Benko and so forth.

Therefore, in this post, I analysed a recent crushing attacking win by Ivanchuk, which serves both as a model in how to execute a long-term attack, and also provides a possible antidote to the Dragon, or even the 2...d6 Sicilians in general. In that regard, this post can also be used as an extension of the 2.Nc3 repertoire against the Sicilian I shared in an earlier post.

Enjoy the game!

What did you learn about attacking from this game?

Do you feel ready to try out this system in your own games?

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