How To Win At Chess FAST!
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How To Win At Chess FAST!

GM Illingworth

Dear chess friends,

Are you ready to start winning more chess games, and improving your chess ratings 100+ points? 

Discover how, using my simple 6-step system for chess mastery, presented in my FREE Grandmasterclass How To Win At Chess Fast!

Here's what you'll be learning in our Grandmasterclass:

- The 6 Steps To Winning More Chess Games Fast

- The 4 Things You Must Do To Practice Like A Grandmaster

- My 5 Best Grandmaster Thinking Techniques

- How To Play The Opening, Middlegame And Endgame Like A Grandmaster

I also have a special gift for those of you who watch the Grandmasterclass all the way to the end!

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Have you struggled with any of these things lately?

- Being stuck at the same rating, with no idea how to improve

- Feeling lost and confused about how to practice and improve at chess

- Putting a lot of time, energy and effort into chess, only to see minimal to no improvement

I have, too. Just like you, I truly wanted to become a Grandmaster, and be on the first page of the rating leaderboards.

But, honestly, it was a struggle until I finally started implementing My 4 Key Training Priorities. It’s THE most important thing you should consider before you waste another minute on outdated, irrelevant training methods that don't work.

I remember how one big change to the way I practiced my chess allowed me to improve 400 rating points in one year - not once, but twice. 

You can discover this 'hack' for rapid chess improvement here. 

Here are a few stories from people who have gone through this training, and how the teaching has changed their outlook on their chess improvement:

Bob Gladstone: "I have paid good money for "courses" with far less Quality"

Horace: "I am really enjoying your course so far GM Max so thanks. I think you're just what I have needed to help me improve my chess playing (and thinking) abilities"

Sainath: "Great video Max!"

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See you in the Grandmasterclass, dear students!

Your Coach,

GM Max