How To Win At Chess - FREE 1-Week Coaching Program
© Max Illingworth 2021

How To Win At Chess - FREE 1-Week Coaching Program

GM Illingworth

Are you ready to discover How To Win At Chess?

I'm sure you are, because I now have a FREE 1-Week Coaching Program for you, called 
How To Win At Chess!

Get Instant Access To 'How To Win At Chess' For 1 Week!

© Max Illingworth 2021

In this Coaching Program, you're receiving new training videos each day from me in your membership area for one week, as well as daily emails summarizing the key lessons for each day.

At the same time, I know from my own experience that when we get something awesome for free, we often procrastinate, or put off looking at it until later...only to find that this 'later' never comes.

It's important that you get results FAST from your chess practice, and implement what you learn as quickly as possible, so that you can win more chess games, starting today.

That's why I'm only giving you access to this Coaching Program for 1 week, so that you follow through and actually watch my Grandmaster training, rather than putting it off to a day that never comes.

I believe that, by following my six simple steps in How To Win At Chess each day, you can improve your rating 100+ points in the next 7 days. Here's a testimonial from a student who improved rapidly just from following my first step:

Improve 100+ Points In 1 Week With 'How To Win At Chess'!

Speaking of which, here are the skills you're learning each day of this 1-Week Coaching Program:

  • Day 1: How To Practice Like A Grandmaster - Discover how to develop an unbreakable Champion's Mindset, and how to implement the 4 Training Priorities (whether you're busy or have lots of free time) to improve your chess as much as possible, at any level!
  • Day 2: The 5 Best Grandmaster Thinking Techniques - Discover how to think like a Grandmaster, using effective thinking techniques that work in sharp, dynamic positions, and also simple techniques that help you find the right moves and plans when there isn't a winning tactic.
  • Day 3: The Jobava London For White - Discover this systematic and dynamic way to play the London System. Learn simple attacking plans that allow us to get the opponents out of their comfort zone, while we quickly master 'our' type of position. Includes several model games to show how to comfortably beat masters as White!
  • Day 4: Caro-Kann And Slav For Black - Master a solid Grandmaster repertoire that solidly equalizes even against White's best moves, while giving you good winning chances against lower-rated players.
  • Day 5: Taking Control Of The Game - Unleash the power of the initiative against your opponents, pressuring them into mistakes. Discover what separates the best from the rest, and how you can play in the spirit of a World Champion!
  • Day 6: Positional Play - Discover how to gain and use the different types of strategic advantages to kill your opponent's counterplay, and positionally outplay your opponents. Learn how to understand chess deeply, the way Grandmasters do.
  • Day 7: Key Endgame Positions - Master the most important theoretical endgames, so that you never forget them again. Discover how to convert a better endgame into victory and put together everything we've learned in our own games.

These modules unlock once per day, giving you the time to watch the training videos, and practice chess like a Grandmaster each day of the week.

Here's the results of one of my top performing students in my paid membership, which is now based on the same system as 
the How To Win At Chess 1-Week Coaching Program:

The value of what you're learning in the How To Win At Chess 1-Week Coaching Program is easily worth over $1000.

That's what it would take for you to learn everything in this coaching program via. 1-on-1 sessions...

I'm giving you a week's access for free, so that you can win a lot more games, see your ratings go up, and know that you're never going back to the old way of taking forever to see any real improvement.

Follow my proven system for 
How To Win At Chess...

Or, you could go back to the 'same old' methods, like reading books, binging Youtube videos, randomly solving lots of puzzles - only to find that, for all that time and energy you put in, your rating remains the same.

Don't waste another moment on outdated, irrelevant methods that don't work - learn from GM Max today, and transform your chess game forever.

The most prolific chess author alive, IM Cyrus Lakdawala, wrote that "Having worked closely with Max for the last six months, I'm confident that he is in the top tier of chess coaches in the world."

For those who are wondering - there's no catch here. No hidden charges after your course access expires - it's 100% free.

This gift is automatically given to everyone who subscribes to my email list from now on - so click the button below and sign up for free to avoid missing out!

Your Coach,

GM Max Illingworth