James Bond - From Russia With Love (1963)

James Bond - From Russia With Love (1963)

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Who remembers that in the 1963 James Bond film 'From Russia with Love', a chess game was played? 

As a big movie fan, I'm sharing the full story behind the game played in the movie, between the fictional characters Kronsteen (a Czechoslovakian Grandmaster working as a spy for SPECTRE) and MacAdams (a Canadian chess master).

This includes the 'behind the scenes' information of the secret message Kronsteen received during the game from SPECTRE, and how he stayed alive despite disobeying the order of his intelligence agency! 

Click the video link below to watch my Youtube video, where I share the chess game and the story behind the moves! 

You may have observed from the video that this game was inspired by the King's Gambit Brilliancy played between Boris Spassky and David Bronstein in 1960. Play through the game below:

In my opinion, this is the most brilliant chess game to be featured in a movie. Well, the final combination in 'The Luzhin Defence' is quite impressive too, but Spassky gets bonus points for putting it all together in a real game - and against a World Championship finalist, at that!

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