Learn 1.e4 - Part 2

Learn 1.e4 - Part 2


Do you struggle against any of these openings?

- French Defence (1...e6);

- Caro-Kann (1...c6);

- Pirc/Modern (1...d6/1...g6);

- Scandinavian (1...d5)

If you said 'Yes' to any of these, then my new video 'Learn 1.e4 - Sidelines' is for you!

Enjoy my explanations to the high-level games, where I show you how Grandmasters convincingly win against these systems:

Of course, we can't always expect to win out of the opening, but the repertoire I recommend in this video will maximize your chances of getting a good position, while being easy to learn and understand.

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See you guys in the next video! I look forward to seeing your nice wins with my recommended lines!