My New Project - Chess Learning for All
Photo by Dianne Illingworth

My New Project - Chess Learning for All

GM Illingworth
Nov 12, 2017, 4:42 PM |

Hello chess friends,

For many years now, as a professional chess coach and writer, I have been thinking about how to help others improve their chess (including their chess performance) as much as possible. 

To make chess learning from a Grandmaster accessible to all, I have launched a new site. You can find a small sample of free content there already, to get an idea of the feedback you can receive from me for certain levels of subscription, and my general writing style

With patronage starting at $1 a month, it has never been cheaper to receive instruction from a Grandmaster.

Please join me on my journey to bring chess improvement to tens of thousands of people, and enjoy the range of quality puzzles and writing on my website!