Playing The Opening Like A Grandmaster

Playing The Opening Like A Grandmaster

GM Illingworth

Hey chess friends!

This post is to let you know that in less than an hour (7pm GMT+7 Vietnam time), I will be going LIVE on my Facebook page! 

The subject of my LIVE Grandmasterclass is 'Playing The Opening Like A Grandmaster'! 

In this 2 hour Grandmasterclass, I will be showing you:

- How To Play The Opening Like A Grandmaster

- The Three Secrets to Opening Mastery

- How I Learn From My Games (And How You Can Too!)

- How To Understand Yourself and Get In Your Opponent's Head

- Which Experts To Follow To Shorten Your Learning Curve

...and most significantly, the fastest way for you to master your chess openings and also become a chess master and champion!

I'll be sharing a special, gigantic opportunity with all those who stick around until the end. 

See you in the live Grandmasterclass!

Click here to access the live Grandmasterclass!