The REAL Reason You Lose Motivation With Your Chess Goals

The REAL Reason You Lose Motivation With Your Chess Goals


Yesterday I was reading an old junior chess magazine from 2007, which talked about my great focus and determination with regard to my chess. Sounds great, right?


That's how it appeared on the outside, but it wasn't always this way...(see the video below for how I broke through to 2200+):

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You see, there were many times in my life where I was very frustrated and dissatisfied with the pace at which I was moving toward my chess rating goals.


In some cases, it caused me to stop enjoying chess - my greatest passion - and to forget what I loved about chess in the first place - true or true?


This pain of not improving at chess and reaching my full potential - i.e, being stuck around 2500 FIDE for 4 years, affected my enjoyment of playing to the point that I actually retired from professional chess in early 2019, to completely focus on helping other chess players reach their chess potential.


I know of many others who gave up, due to getting demotivated due to a lack of PROGRESS.

And deep down, that's the reason why 2000+ players like you love chess - because the challenge of improving your competitive results and growing as a person in that journey stimulates you and gives you a feeling of happiness and fulfilment that you're not getting in the same way from your other activities.


Tony Robbins has said many times that 'Progress = Happiness' and that's been true in my experience as well.


When I talk with chess players rated 2000+ (and I communicate with at least 50 chess players each day), I find that most of them have a very strong drive to become a chess master, but are not quite sure how to put the WHY into words.


Without that CLARITY of why it's important to become a chess master, you're going to drift, try different things, dabble instead of specialize, and settle for minimal to no improvement that doesn't represent the best of who you are.


The main purpose of this post is to open your mind to what's been holding you back - what you have been sensing deep down, but struggled to find the right words to describe your situation. But I know you relate to that frustration of going nowhere, yes or yes?


And you also have already put so much effort into getting to that 2000+ you really want this to be where your journey ends?


If not, follow these 3 simple steps:


  1. Get clear on what your actual GOAL is. Quantify it as much as possible. (Yes, I did it for you, but this process is much more powerful if it comes from WITHIN)


  1. Consider WHY it's important for you to achieve this goal. (If you really want to be a High Performer, look up '7 Levels Of Why Exercise', follow the steps and DM Me Your Answer via. this link)


  1. Determine WHO is the right person to help you achieve this objective as quickly as possible. (Ideally, this is someone who has already got to where you want to be, yet also understands the situation you are in so that they can give the appropriate guidance)



When I implemented these 3 steps, I almost always achieved my goals - even the really ambitious ones, like getting a GM Norm in 2011 before I was even an IM!


When I didn't - I usually lost motivation and gave up on my goals.


So, what's it going to be?

PS Here's a recent video with more information on who to share your goals with: