What's Your Chess Improvement Question?
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What's Your Chess Improvement Question?

GM Illingworth

As I am too jetlagged to focus on chess analysis for today, I figured I'd do a different type of blog post today - one where you, the audience, can make your contribution!

Feel free to leave a question below on how you can improve as a chess player. Obviously, the method to improve varies somewhat depending on your level and other factors, but you may hone in on a specific aspect of chess that you find difficult, or where you haven't been able to find clear useful advice.

I can't promise to answer every question directly, but I will make a note of all your indicated topics, for when I'm not sure what to write about for my daily blog post (such as today). 

If you can't think of anything to ask, perhaps the puzzle below can give you some inspiration:

White to play, what is his best move? I will reveal the answer in tomorrow's post, stay tuned!