Why Do Different People Have Different Results?

Why Do Different People Have Different Results?

GM Illingworth

If you aren't getting the same results as someone else, it only means that they know some things you don't - and are doing things you aren't.

Therefore, in addition to working hard toward our dreams, we should also reflect on our efforts, and consider:

Is this the most efficient way toward our goal?

Perhaps there is a better way of doing things?

Also, when you do find something that works, keep in mind that new ideas are always being discovered, and the theory in most fields is changing more rapidly now than in the past, thanks to technology and the way it has connected us. Stay curious, and don't assume that you know it all - there is always more to learn.

What is the main lesson you learned from this post?

What is one way you could apply a 'growth mindset' to your work?

How can you work smarter, as well as work hard?

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