Winning in Walbrzych
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Winning in Walbrzych

GM Illingworth

For today's post, I will give you a series of puzzles to solve, and questions to answer!

Question 1: Where in the world is Walbrzych?

Answer: Walbrzych is a city in south-western Poland. It's also the venue for the European Senior Team Chess Championship (both 50+ and 65+ divisions). See, following chess tournaments is good for your geography skills!

Now, for everyone's favourite part, the chess! This first puzzle doesn't have one clearly best answer, but the indicated solution could be considered the most natural approach to the position. 

In the game, White erred with 15.Bd4?, leading us to our next puzzle, but from Black's point of view!
Now for a final puzzle from the game! It's well known that chances will almost always come up in a chess game, but White had perhaps assumed his position was already losing by the time the next puzzle position occurred. Can you find a way to continue the struggle? 
I hope you enjoyed the puzzles, and I'll be back with another post in the next few days!