Jobava Attack vs the Grünfeld (Part 3)

Jobava Attack vs the Grünfeld (Part 3)

Nov 8, 2017, 3:50 PM |

In the last two weeks I've posted about the Jobava Attack vs. the Grünfeld. See here and here. To recap, I give you the start of the line:

This week I want to look at when Black doesn't castle, but plays 5...c5 / h5 / c6 / a6 etc.

1) Black tries to strike back against the White centre with 5...c5:

With c5 Black is permanently weakening the b5 square. Thus, you play 6. Nb5:

2) Black tries to stop h5 by playing 5...h5 himself:

Here there are different ways of going forward, but the most natural plan is to play 6. Be2, Nf3-Ne5, and f3, preparing the eventual g4. Other options are immediate Qd2 or Nge2 (so you can meet Bg4 with f3)

Here is a very recent game with some similar ideas, but featuring an earlier ...c6 and Be2. 
3) Black plays the non-committal 5...a6/c6/h6

Let's start with a game by Baadur Jobava where he plays ...h5 in response to a combination of an earlier a6 and c6 (this game is also discussed here).

 However, upon 5...c6 /...a6 /...h6, the most logical option is to play 6. Be2 
Here's a recent game by Grischuk where he meets 5...h6 with 6. Nf3 and then demonstrates a nice way to use half-open files: