My 2nd Tournament Game: A Nice Win (Jobava Attack vs. the Grünfeld, Part 1)

My 2nd Tournament Game: A Nice Win (Jobava Attack vs. the Grünfeld, Part 1)

Oct 28, 2017, 12:12 PM |

Last time I wrote about my first OTB tournament game at the XI Obert Vila de Gracia in the 2nd round. In the 3rd round I drew White against Juan Manuel Baratech Galup, Catalan ELO: 2009, Fide 1833.

I played 1. d4, with the intention of playing the London. He responded with d5. 2. Bf4, Nf6. 3. e3 and now he transposed into the Grünfeld with g6. I chose to go into Jobava-Prie Attack territory with 4. Nc3, played h4-h5, sacrificed the exchange for a knight and a pawn and went on to score a nice win.

First, some background on London + the Jobava Attack. When you play the London, you have to choose what to do against the g6-setups. I've been following GingerGM's recommendation to play in the Jobava Attack style: e. g. 1. d4, Nf6, 2. Bf4, g6, 3. Nc3!

If Black goes 3...Bg7 or ...d6 then you play 4. e4 forcing them into a Pirc.

If Black plays 3...d5 stopping e4, then they've transposed into a Grünfeld and you play 4. e3, followed by 5. h4

The ideas behind this attacking scheme are covered by GingerGM in these two videos:

London vs. the g6 (Youtube)

London vs. the g6 (

Here is the stem game he discusses (with my annotations):

Here is the critical position of my game as a puzzle - find the winning move (which I played) and the strongest continuation (which I didn't play):

Here is the full game:

Main lessons:

- ALWAYS consider the idea behind the opponent's move (12..Na6).

- In critical attacking situations, always stop for a moment and consider your options and your opponent's possible defending moves, no matter how hard to see (my 17. Ng5 met with Rf6!, I should've gone 17. Rh1)


Next week I'll do a followup post with more on the Jobava Attack vs the Grünfeld. 

Until then, enjoy!