XI Obert Vila de Gracia, 4th Game: Danger on a Diagonal (Caro-Kann, Karpov)

XI Obert Vila de Gracia, 4th Game: Danger on a Diagonal (Caro-Kann, Karpov)

Nov 10, 2017, 3:20 AM |

In the fifth round of the XI Obert Vila de Gracia I drew Black against Antonio Fontanet Fabregas, Catalan ELO: 2019, Fide 1834 (Peak Fide: 2200 in 1998). He's clearly played for a long time and is very experienced.

I did some research beforehand and saw that he was an e4 player. I also found out that against the Caro-Kann he plays the Classical (3. Nc3) and against my current preference, the Karpov variation (3...Nbd7), he plays Ng5. Here's one of his games in this line:

I figured that he is also prepared against the main line, so I thought I'd use an idea that I recently saw in a book I browsed: Tibor Karolyi's Qa5+. We played an interesting opening, but in the end my experiment wasn't a success. Nevertheless, the game went pretty well for me. He sacrificed the exchange, I played some good moves and had, I think, the better position, until I missed the danger on a diagonal and lost the game on the spot. Here it is:

Main lessons are similar like in the previous weeks (oh, when will I learn...):

ALWAYS consider the idea behind the opponent's move (23. Bg3).

- Don't EVER get seduced by your plans. In critical, tactically rich situations, take extra time to see what your opponent's threat is (24...exd5??, 25. Qf4!)