Analysis of Your Games and Training Games

NM ItalianMachine
Jan 23, 2016, 10:55 AM |

Hello fans,

I just wanted to let you know that I am currently offering to analyze games for $20 USD per game. I will send you the game via email in a PGN format.The game analysis entails:

1. Structured annotations

2. Comments and insights

3. Tips ( For instance, when you've traded queens, there is no need to castle)

4. Concepts (prophylaxis, double attack, etc. where needed)

4. Detailed variations (with ideas and plans explained)


-It normally takes me 3-4 hours to properly analyze and annotate one game.


You may ask, why do I want to pay a person to analyze my game when I can analyze with a computer? Good question.

Computers may be the most accurate, but the problem is they only make moves based on pure raw calculation. This makes it impossible to keep up with a computer based on calculation alone. We cannot calculate at 1 millions moves per second, therefore, we need to strategize in a given position based on the following: concepts, intuition, problem solving, calculation, etc.


I try to make my analysis straight-forward, and simple to understand as if this is an in-person lesson. I do give some variations if I see lines could have been improved, but it is done in a way that explains the reasoning of why certain moves should be played, what your plan should be, what to look for, etc.


To get the most out of this, I recommend sending me your tournament games or games with higher time controls (15 0, 30 0, 45 45 etc.)

I am also offering to have one-on-one training games for a small fee (blitz, standard, tournament games consisting of 45 45 or your choice)

-The interesting thing is that even though I require a small fee for training games, if you win the series, whether it be blitz, standard, or you name it, I am giving your money back.

I will also put your name on my "info" section under the heading Series Winners with the score and your rating :D 

Please see my coaching profile below for more details: 

Please send me a private message if interested in any of the two services described above.