Free Chess Videos by a 2600+ GM - presented by NM Christopher Pace

Free Chess Videos by a 2600+ GM - presented by NM Christopher Pace

NM ItalianMachine
Feb 19, 2015, 9:40 AM |

  • Chess is a complex game, played by all different kinds of people, spanning many countries, and played with unique styles of play. 


  • As a chess player and master, I love the idea of being able to meet new people here on and in general and love learning about new cultures, different flags, and sharing chess ideas with people all over the world.


  • Chess is not only a great game for the mind, but it allows people of all cultures to relate even if we have language barriers. We still see things eye-to-eye in terms of chess. Chess brings about people's personalities so I've noticed from experience.


  • An aggressive chess player may be a very outgoing person in real life, whereas the defensive player may be shy. It is interesting that chess brings out who people are even though they may not know it consciously. 


  • Chess can be studied in many different ways and depends on the person. I myself, like to watch chess videos commentated or examined by strong or professional players. As a visual person, and not one for reading much, I learn best when things are presented to me in a visual manner. 


  • I came across GM Smirnov's videos recently on because they were free and were very interesting to listen to. Smirnov presents the material in such a concise and engaging manner that made me want to learn more from him. Plans are explained in a clear way, outlining what is going on in the position, and different ways to combat a position.


  • Here are some free chess videos by GM Smirnov if you guys havent already seen them. They are totally worth your time if you are looking to improve as a chess player. 


  • Two free chess videos below I have chosen for today from GM Smirnov's videos are: How to Win the Chess Game Easily- Part 1 and the Art of Defence in Chess.



If you think you will benefit from GM Igor Smirnov's videos and would like to check out some of the chess course packages that he has to offer please click the link below: 


NM Christopher Pace

P.S. I am always open to live chess games  (3 0, 5 0, 1 0) and to chat about anything.