Looking for Top Quality Chess Sets, Pieces, Clocks, Books?

NM ItalianMachine
Jan 24, 2016, 9:48 PM |

Hello chess.com fans,

I recently came across an excellent chess website that sells chess items that come in a wide range of categories.

The categories are as follows:

1. Chess Pieces (reproduced antique, luxury, mid-range, bone, economy, wholesale)

2. Chess Boards (Ebony wood, rose wood, bud rose wood, wood chess boards, leather roll-up boards etc.)

3. Chess Sets (mid-range, luxury, deluxe chess set combos, 

4. Travel Sets (magnetic chess boards)

5. Chess Accessories (books, clocks, imperfect chess boards, gift cards, key-chains etc)

6. Best Selling (pieces, boards, sets, travel chess sets, chess set accessories)

These chess products are not cheap, I will admit. Products are of top-quality and can be priced anywhere from $10 for chess books, or $55 for a chess board to upwards of $500 or more for the highest-end chess boards, sets, etc.

The site is very well organized.

Since you pay top dollar for these products, chessbazaar.com has given these specific perks to each customer that purchases from their website:

1. Free shipping worldwide

2. 100% refund if not satisfied

3. Life-time Warranty

4. Free Replacements

If interested in any of the products above that chessbazaar provides, please visit the following links below for more information:

1. For general access to the site homepage



2. For a link to best selling products (chess sets, pieces, boards, travel sets)



3. For a link to "chess pieces" section



4. For a link to travel sets


5. For a link to chess boards



6. For a link to chess accessories



-If you decide to purchase any of the products after clicking one of the links above, private message me on chess.com and I will personally play a series of blitz games, standard games, bullet games or a time control of your choice with you for 1 whole hour FREE!

Thank you,

NM Christopher Pace