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Intermediate Level: Game analysis

Intermediate Level: Game analysis

Feb 13, 2017, 1:18 AM 2


A few months ago, I was asked to annotate an OTB game, played under tournament conditions, between two intermediate level players in Mexico, and posted the result in the forums.

By convention, games with several inaccuracies and mistakes are not annotated. Yet, for those at the same level of these players, this convention works against their best interests. In masters' games, they can see what is the best reading and interpretation of a position, but not how they themselves can go wrong, and much less why is wrong.

Annotating a game between non masters helps the players involved. But I believe that by examining the source of their mistakes, while emphasizing the logic in the position, the result can be useful for others at the same chess level.

Then, as the work has been already done, I decided to start this blog, including games I've analyzed in the forums for beginner and intermediate players, or some others –between masters– I've analyzed for publishing.

Well, here we go wink.png


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