The complete introduction to the Ponziani

Jul 27, 2016, 9:56 AM |

The Ponziani is an amazing opening that I have already looked at some important lines of in this blog

I am going to wright a complete reasearch on the Ponziani. I will update when I receive new games and I am proud to invite to the Ponziani reaserch club I am going to look at the lines that have been played against me or any other Ponziani player and will show the other moves that are possible and I didn't research. I want to thank stonewalljj for his help please add me as friend to see the latest updates if not loook here because links will be published.

I have met many moves here is the classical move other than Nf6 I mentioned it at the end of the last blog.

So here is my first question what else ?

I'm a going to publish a series of blogs to answer that question and then I will talk about variants on Nf6.

Here is the link to the first article on the 3.f5 variation

Another article should come out soon