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    • Planning for GM

      After all your helpful input, I've started modifying my plan - although, as it should be it is a work in progress.  Anyway, here's a couple changes I've tried over the last week (thanks for the suggestions!) that focus on the weaknesses I came u... | Read More

    • The First Step to GM

      Recently my chess regiment has not been working. I'm putting in a good 25 hours a week but haven't been getting any better, but possibly even worse? At my last tournament, I went 0 for 3 all because of blunders although playing in a short time con... | Read More

    • The Real way to Play Chess (US Open Day 3)

      The Real way to Play Chess (US Open Day 3) Previous: Turning a Tournament Around (US Open Day 2) After 2 good games that lost, and 1 poor game that I won. I decided that a better combination would be to win good games - What a novelty!  So here... | Read More

    • Turning a Tournament Around (US Open day 2)

      Turning a Tournament Around (US Open day 2) Previous: Starting the Trail to GM (US Open Day 1) So I was a little dissapointed after the round 1 loss where I missed any crucial things, although I felt overall my play was pretty good.  I needed t... | Read More

    • Starting the Trail to GM

      Starting the Trail to GM  - US Open Day 1 Hello everyone! My friends have been asking me to keep them up to date with my chess and I decided that a blog might be the easiest way - so here it goes!  I'll keep everyone up to date on my tournament... | Read More

    • IM Vojislav Simul - win!

      I managed a win as black against IM Milanovic Vojislav!  I didn't feel like I made any amazing moves - I just started squeezing the position and he made a few slight positional miscalculations (he was playing 30 games after all).  I gained a nic... | Read More

    • IM Vasiesiu simul

      The first game took 2.5 hours and I thought I did played well - although it seems like it was drawish but he went for a win and blundered? He was 15 wins - 5 losses, with mine being the last game by 20 minutes. In this one he flagged on time..... | Read More

    • Anonymous Advice

      This is where I keep the multitude of general reccomendation I hear: Anonymous Advice: Dpreuss' Diabolical Doctrines   My Ideas 1) Choose a current GM, and follow their tournament games (Magnus Carlsen)2) Go to a Master's game and go 5 moves... | Read More

    • Dpruess' Diabolical Doctrines~

      Dpruess' Diabolical Doctrines~ 1) Tactics Trainer everyday! About 10 minutes or 2 missed ones.  Go over the missed ones at least 3 times to really learn it.2) Analyze 10 of my games & look for weaknesses in playstyle3) Before making a move, ... | Read More

    • Improvement Ideas

      Improvement Ideas (my weaknesses)  - I'm way too overagressive,  I'll push pawns on both sides of the board, and focus on exploiting the opponents weaknesses, ignoring the multitude of weaknesses I create.- I play 1. b4, and need to learn more ... | Read More