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Dpruess' Diabolical Doctrines~

Dpruess' Diabolical Doctrines~

Mar 14, 2010, 11:03 AM 1

Dpruess' Diabolical Doctrines~

1) Tactics Trainer everyday! About 10 minutes or 2 missed ones.  Go over the missed ones at least 3 times to really learn it.
2) Analyze 10 of my games & look for weaknesses in playstyle
3) Before making a move, say outloud why you're making that move, and why it's better than your 2nd choice.
4) Analyze master game(s) of openings I don't play. (example)
4.5) Money given to Dpruess & chess skill level are directly linked ;)
5) Stay away from chess engines until around 2000+ USCF 
6) Use analysis board sparingly to practice visualing combinations
7) Computer Workout
8) Store games in databases for later review

Thanks so much Dpruess!  They've really been a help :)

    ~ JeeniousChess

IM David Pruess is an integral part of chess.com.  He is the "Director of Professional Content and Relations," creates informative videos, completely reworked Computer Workout, & hosts the legendary "Your Games Analyzed." On top of all that he spends every waking second just being a great guy!

Updated 3/15/10

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