Improvement Ideas

Mar 11, 2010, 5:24 PM |

Improvement Ideas (my weaknesses)

 - I'm way too overagressive,  I'll push pawns on both sides of the board, and focus on exploiting the opponents weaknesses, ignoring the multitude of weaknesses I create.
- I play 1. b4, and need to learn more openings
- I can attack well & defend well, but I need to improve the mid game development
 - I spend too much time thinking of my objectives, not looking at what my opponent can do.
- I tend to rate material advantages much stronger than positional advantages; ie: I will take a free pawn, even if it will stick my queen in a corner for half the game.
- I like to play a6, b5 and h6, g5 to kick bishops when it causes more weaknesses than solves  (I really hate pins and one of my immediate goals is always to break them rather than see if I can deal with them.)
- I make my plan during their move, and then ask myself if that changed my plan, if not I move near immediately, not taking advantage of a miscalculaton/minor mistake on their part

     ~  JeeniousChess

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