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The Real way to Play Chess (US Open Day 3)

Aug 7, 2010, 12:26 PM 0

The Real way to Play Chess (US Open Day 3)

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After 2 good games that lost, and 1 poor game that I won. I decided that a better combination would be to win good games - What a novelty!  So here it goes.

Well that went well!  That was probably the best game I've played in a long long time.  Unfortunately I'm going to have to blame this win on my coach Sam Shankland.  2 weeks ago we spent a lot of time working on this line, and this is the stuff it has gotten me into ... Wink  After the game my opponent commented about how he never had seen the 7. Bg5 before, and a large reason that I won is because he spent too much time thinking while I could still blitz out my moves of opening theory.  Well, let's just see if my next game goes like that!

Now that was another great game!  I played proper defense for 20ish moves, and only made 1 real mistake (Qb1+), but I managed to keep it from being a blunder.  I had a great move at the end (but I will talk a little more about it after someone wins the contest and I put the answer up).  After such strong play, I can't wait for tomorrow to go win another 2 great games!

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