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How to win a losing game

How to win a losing game

Jan 16, 2017, 10:44 AM 1

(Excuse me for my english.)

How to win a losing game? Of course, the opponent must make a mistake. But we can do little to help. Example pestering with your queen. And when the opponent does not think too much, because he considers the game as won, it can become a terrible mistake. An example of this is the game. I played very badly, but I won. Opponent tried very hard to exchange queens. To honor my opponent I must say that SnowshineDog congratulated me. He is a great player and person. All other matches with me he won. Another player who made a blunder at the end of the game, and won the match lost, scolded me very much. That was late for work, that I stayed, that I've had it a long time ago to give up, and that I am bad person. 


This game is also interesting in that the whole game turned just one move pawn, and pawn suddenly threaten the king and queen. 



Regards Kandrbol





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