2012 US Junior, Better Than Last Year!!! Part 2

I realize that it has been quite awhile since my last blog and even longer since the Junior.  I have been very busy the last few months and even right now I am in a plane on my way to play in the SPICE Cup Open in St. Louis, but I didn’t want to leave my last blog unfinished.  If you haven’t read it, you should definitely check out part one: (http://blog.chess.com/KaydenTroff/2012-us-junior-better-than-last-year-part-1)!

Here are all the games to finish the US Junior with my comments and analysis in the games:



This tournament was a great experience for me and one of my favorite tournaments that I have participated in.

I hope you enjoyed my analysis and look at for upcoming blogs in which I plan to talk about the 2nd Metropolitan International where I achieved my third and final IM Norm!  Also I want to talk about the USCL, which has been great to have on Chess.com!  I have not been able to participant in this great event until this year in which I have been a Game of The Week judge.

Thanks for reading this brief finish to my US Junior experience and look for some upcoming blogs (Hopefully sooner than this one has been…But I make no promises Wink).


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    I know Kayden will want to save this info for a future blog, but check out his performance from the Spice Cup (as well as a cool picture from his win as Black with Grandmaster Yury Shulman - http://susanpolgar.blogspot.com/2012/10/im-norm-with-1-round-to-spare-for-troff.html

    He had earned an IM norm with 4 1/2 with two rounds left to spare.  It was dependent on his last two opponents but since he got high rated opponents then this was the case. He played against six GM's, 2 IM's and an FM.

    Getting more IM norms after you get your first three is a good thing since he needs to get his FIDE rating to 2400 anyway.  If he keeps this up then it shouldn't be long.

    Great tournament Kayden!

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    Thanks for all the great annotation. I know it is always helpful for a player to go over their own games. It is also a great learning tool for us class players to read higher strength players thoughts. I always enjoy seeing players who are objective enough to know that they are not always winning. You are always honest with yourself, and this attitude is why you are developing at a rapid rate.

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    very nice,thanks!

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    Enjoyable games and annotations, thanks. Wish you well.

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    Taken me about 3 hours to read this article as well as the same amount of time yesterday for Part 1. Unbelievable effort to include your thoughts and ideas in annotations throughout the games. Really helps reveal a good players vision and thinking process. Well worth reading. Cheers Cool Best of luck in the SPICE Cup.

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    IM DanielRensch

    Thanks Kayden!

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