I Have a Dream!

GM KaydenTroff

I am sure that all of you know of Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous speech "I Have a Dream", right?  For most of you who don't know, I am home schooled.  One day my mom said to us (me and my brother) that we were going to start typing out some famous speeches. The reason was so that we could learn more about United States history, and we could get better at writing and typing.  The first speech we typed out was Martin Luther Kings Jr.'s speech "I Have a Dream". I thought it was really cool and here is some of what I wrote about it afterwards.  "To me it seemed to be very inspirational, and spoken with strength. It would have been cool to be there and just feel the emotion and power, and not even being there I can just imagine the power that Martin Luther King Jr. had. And sometimes I even feel like he is talking and I can just hear him saying, "I have a dream!" "  Now when I think about it, I just want to shout out to everybody "I have a dream!" Here is also something I think about that I actually heard on TV, "It's not who is going to let you, it's who is going to stop you".

I have thought about how Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream compares to my dream. We both have a dream, we are (or were) really determined to get it, we both aren't just determined but we are (or were) putting in the work to make it happen. Now I can't say I am up there with Martin Luther King Jr. because he was amazing, but I still think that there are a lot of things you could say we are the same in, mostly that we both have a dream!  Martin Luther King Jr. was a great example for people to follow. I hope that I will be like that.  I hope that I can inspire other kids to want to play chess.  And the saying I put up there, I think you could say that for me and Martin Luther King Jr. we can't just wait for someone to let us fulfill our dream. We just keep going and if someone helps that is great! But if not, we just figure out how to do it anyway.  Martin Luther King Jr. didn't wait for people to tell him he could try and free the blacks, he went out there and stood for what is right and did it. Me... now that might be harder because I still am going along with my dream, but... let's see, I didn't wait for someone to come and tell me I could be a great chessplayer, I just went out and did what I loved.

I try and think about if I was standing in front of thousands of people and speaking, what would I feel? Would I talk nice and powerful? When I think about it, I think I would feel like just getting through it, and I'd probably talk like a robot." This I also thought was cool because if you listen to Martin Luther King Jr. speaking it wasn't just what he spoke but how he spoke it. I can compare this to chess, because it is not if you make the best move, but the better thing is how did you find the best move. Over all, my conclusion is, I might not be as great as Martin Luther King Jr., but I can say we both have a dream!