MacAroni Krepes

Read the title, sounds delicious right?  If you said yes… I have no comment.  Four things (along with the people who said yes) might seem strange:

1. Macaroni?  Strawberries, syrup, nutella, ice cream, etc. all seem preferable on crepes.

2. MacAroni why did I capitalize the “a”?

3. Krepes are spelled with a “c”

4. You might not care about any of the above, but why am I talking about food on Seriously what’s my problem…?

I have reasons for all the above and it does have to do with Chess.

As a lot of you know, the Anand-Gelfand World Chess Championship is coming up, but you might have also noticed the Aronian and Kramnik match going on.

I personally like Aronian very much and for some reason (unlike Danny who calls him “Aron the Bone”) I call him “MacAroni-an”.  As someone pointed out on TV, it is a little cheesy, but I like it nonetheless.  Also, I have started calling Kramnik, “Krepenik” for some strange reason I don’t even understand; it is just fun.  If you have funny (And I mean funny!  Nothing rude or inappropriate!) nicknames for some GMs there is a comment box belowSmile.

I do have the utmost respect for these players!!  They’re AMAZING, so no offense is intended.

Did I write this blog just to make strange titles and talk about my nicknames I have for people?  No, like I said the Anand-Gelfand World Championship is coming up and I was curious what is  more excited about the Aronian-Kramnik match (going on right now) or the Anand-Gelfand match (coming up)?

Personally, I’m loving the Aronian-Kramnik match!!  It could be because I really like Aronian, but I also just  really like their way of play because it makes for some exciting games!  I also like the way the match is set up.  If they take a draw before 3 hours, they play a rapid game for the spectators.  It seems very spectator friendly!   I want to know what you think.

Secondly,(and I know I am late since the 4th Death Match is getting very close) big congrats to GM Sam Shankland on his Death Match win against GM Robert Hess.  If you haven’t seen the video on TV, I feel bad for you… it was very exciting and some high level Chess for blitz. Also very exciting since Shanky is my friend and coach! 

But here comes my final question, I work with Shanky mostly on openings.  Now my question is what is your favorite opening and what do you think the best opening is for both colors?  It seems to me like depending on where you live some openings are more popular than others.  It is just interesting to me!! 

Okay, that is all my questions for today!!

Here is a puzzle for joy and entertainment:



  • 4 years ago


    I'm a chess noob (choob?) so my theory might be sub-par but my favorite white opening is the Ruy Lopez, open variations, and as black I'll have to say the Sicilian Dragon.  Also I like to picture Paul Morphy as Morpheus from The Matrix.

  • 4 years ago

    NM Gigantopithicus

    There's a player in Colorado who's last name is Bekkedahl and I call him Bagel Decoration 

  • 5 years ago


    My favourite openings are Ruy Lopez against e4 and Nimzowich/QID against d4. Against c4 I play the Spassky variation. I think the best opening is Ruy Lopez (I hate playing 1.e4 as white), but it leads to a very interesting middlegame.

  • 5 years ago

    IM dpruess

    hahahaha funny puzzle, and MacAronian!! wish i'd known that one before i broadcast game 3 of the match.

  • 5 years ago


    Match: Good for spectators, but probably not so much the players themselves

    Favourite Opening: Najdorf Poisoned Pawn Accepted (as black)

    Best Opening: Ruy Lopez: Berlin Defense (equal chances)

  • 5 years ago

    IM DanielRensch

    I have lots of funny names for GMs and other Chess Celebs alike... but nothing that isn't "rude or innapropriate" Tongue out... so I guess I am going to sit this one out.

    Good read, Kayden!


  • 5 years ago


    Nice puzzle! :-)

  • 5 years ago

    IM Fins0905

    Solved it :) Very cute.

  • 5 years ago


    Car jacking. 

  • 5 years ago


    Svidler on the Roof. 

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