Playing at Target??

GM KaydenTroff
Feb 16, 2010, 11:17 AM |

Now first thing that might cross your mind is... where could you have a chess tournament in a Target store? That is a very good question and I will tell you, but I think I will start at the beginning. I need to go back a little ways and explain a couple of things first.  Being a strong chess player in Utah has some challenges.  We have some great chess players here, but it is hard to find tournaments with really high rated players.  The higher my rating got, the harder it became to play in Utah.  Because of this I started traveling a lot.  Both my standard and my blitz ratings are high.  I have the highest blitz rating for Under 13 in the country and I am number 2 on the Under 16 list.  I started protecting my blitz rating because I didn't want it to go down.  I stopped really playing in Utah all together.  There was too much to lose and not very much to gain.  I think this is a mistake.  I travel to tournaments about once a month.  I play in the Open Section.  There is a lot of pressure!!  By not playing in Utah, that is about the only pressure situation I have.  My parents and I decided that I would start playing Blitz tournaments in Utah so I can be in pressure situations, but not risk my standard rating.  So that gets me back to my story.  It is Saturday and I am going to a tournament (in Utah).  The tournament I am going to is just a local one that they do every Saturday. It is G/29 with a 5 second delay and there are only 3 rounds. This tournament is usually at the Salt Lake Community College in their library. So my dad and I get there and there is a sign on the door that says the library is closed because of the holidays. We don't know what to do now, so we try to go find a phone. It took us about a half an hour to finally find a phone (my dad doesn't believe in cell phones).  By this time, it was time for the tournament to start.  We call my mom and she tells us that, the Treimans (our great friends) saw a sign on the door that said it was at this Target in Fort Union. My dad and I were confused, but the only thing we could think of is that the sign was on the main entrance and we tried to go through the back. On the way there, we are thinking, "Where in the world could we play at Target?"  So we got there and started to drive around and look inside the windows to see if we can see where the tournament is. Just as we passed this window we saw our friends, the Treimans. I got out and went in to what was probably the only spot we could play in Target. It was this place that is open to the public behind the Starbucks in Target. So now that we acually found where the tournament was, we paid the entry fee and it was time to begin. In the first round I got Lauren Treiman, if you have been paying attention then you must know that I have mentioned the Treimans a couple of times (our game is included at the end).  During all the games, people would come in and out to eat.  One little boy kept talking very loudly asking his mom what we were doing and why everyone was so quiet (except him of course).  In the last most intense game for the championship, a dad came in with his two little girls.  The youngest was probably two or three.  She kept running through the room screaming right next to our game.  Pressure situation....guess I got what I was looking for!!  Luckily I won the game and took home $32.00 for the day.  Not bad!