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    • The Asian game of Go

      Chess is intellectual? Of course it is. Go will take you further though. Chess is my first love, but this game Go draws you out big time.. Anyway, just play the game and you will soon see what I mean. My first time at it they paired me up with thi... | Read More

    • Wicked Dance

      Chess is an intelectual way of comming to blows. It is proof positive that civilazation is only skin deep. Not too long ago we killed each other with the jaw bones of asses. Now we do it with knights, bishops, pawns etc... Is that why we love it s... | Read More

    • Breaking the Back of the Pawn Duo

      This is not a sexy job, never the less it has got to be done. How do you do it? Please share via video, pod, text etc.. Thank you. (Some what harder for black depending on the opening.) | Read More