Knights vs Bishops

Feb 1, 2010, 7:26 AM |

The battle between knight and bishop is usually fought with pawns. The bishops try to force the position to be open where thier superior mobility allows them to dominate the more sluggish knights. Knights on the other hand flourish in the closed position, where mobility is less of a factor and the knights ability to manoeuvre in congested areas gives them and advantage over the bishops.

Remember however this is only a guideline and that the most important factor is whose pieces are more active. I took the side of the bishops in this team game.

As you could see from the game, though the position appeared to be closed, the centre, clear of any pawn chains, was in fact quite open and allowed my bishops a large area of influence, further emphisising the importance of the centre! Next time I'm evaluating the open/closedness of a position I'll be looking there first.

Hope you enjoyed :D