Trying out Coaching!

I've decided to try out coaching at! I had a trial session with homanboy last Sunday, we went way over the hour and spent about two and half hours going over a very instructive game of his which branched into a bunch of other topics too. The game is so good instructionally I've posted it below.

My coaching profile page can be found here. I enjoyed the session with homanboy a lot and hope I'll have the oppurtunity to do some more coaching in the future!


A few lessons from the game:

1. Following opening principles (develop, attack the center, castle early) usually will give you a good game- even a great game if your opponent doesn't follow those principles!

2. When you have a developmental lead, look to open up the center as tactics will naturally be more favorable to you almost all the time!

3. Always check to see if you can capture a piece or pawn on your move.

4. Any good position can quickly deteriorate into a lost position with one mistake so be alert!

5. Avoid trading pieces when down material.

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