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1800+ in 5-Min-Blitz - So what?

1800+ in 5-Min-Blitz - So what?

Jan 31, 2016, 4:02 PM 0

The header is right. I simply want to give some observations, which aren't new to most online chess players.

Today I started playing with my touchpad - and lost a piece to lack of it's precision. Mouse slips happen. Touchpad slips happen more often. Use a mouse if you look at your rating.

My opponent lost the connection after 5 moves. This was the game lifting me over 1800 again. A pity. The good side, it's the best opportunity to write about something happening to me all the time here.


1. The Petroff gives Black good chances on the level 1800+- because many Whites avoid the mainline 3.Nxe5 or the good move 3.d4

2. Even the Four Knights Game is avoided often. This gives Black an easy game.

3. 4.Bc4?! - Be prepared to 4... Nxe4 or leave it.

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