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A reflection without chess content

A reflection without chess content

Feb 26, 2016, 4:23 PM 0

Hello dear readers,

the feedback shows, there are some readers. Today I wanted to post another mating pattern.

While going through my live-chess games here I got frightened about the amount of big blunders, aka hanging pieces and pawns, from my side. With an FIDE-Elo about 2000 this is a kind of awkward feedback.

I will continue collecting material for the kids I'm teaching. But I will do it now a lot more humble. Going through 5-Min-games and 15/10-games is something I never really did before.

Downloading your played games is a great feature of online chess and of this site here. For me it's the feedback looking at the games some time later. What are your feelings, if you do this?

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