Attacking patterns (2)

Attacking patterns (2)

Feb 26, 2016, 6:04 PM |

Just had a very friendly opponent with only one fault. After the game he called me swindler. Everything would have been all right from my side, if he had called me a positional swindler after the game.

It's about the Rossolimo Sizilian. Bologan has written a very clear and entertaining book about it. You must not believe the adverts talking about avoiding tons of theory. It is a mainline today. But as I'm a lazy guy when it comes about studying forced lines I care for the ideas of some openings. And Bologan does an excellent job explaining how to play against the 2... Nc6 Sicilian.

My opponent did everything wrong in the opening I could remember. That's a lot, even on our level. Sealed

So what's the pattern: Doubling the c-pawn, controlling the center, attacking either on the queenside or the kingside. Look a little to the comments.


  1. Doubling the pawn.
  2. Controlling the center
  3. Pressing against the kingside from your side.
  4. Attacking the queenside with pawns (or sometimes with pieces).

Things aren't so easy if the opponent is prepared. It's an equal game with positional manoeuvering, something many sicilian players dislike. Opponents prefering 1.c4 with white get along with it normally according to my (limited) experience beyond master level.