Mating patterns in 5-min-games (1)

Mating patterns in 5-min-games (1)

Feb 19, 2016, 1:44 PM |

As written in the first post this blog has the task to collect teaching material for kids in my training groups. The strongest group is now far enough for mating patterns.

If anyone is interested in a review of the books used in the training I will write those. This will need some time. So be patient.

The (1) behind the title shows the idea of producing a list of mates, all played here.

In the following position it's black to move in a lost position. How can black accelerate the end - aka what should black care for now? What is whites biggest threat?


These are the patterns to learn/repeat:

  • Queen mates protected by the Bishop
  • Queen and Bishop mate supported by enemy pieces