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Mating patterns in 5-min-games (5) - I'm not alone

Mating patterns in 5-min-games (5) - I'm not alone

Mar 1, 2016, 5:52 PM 0

#3 of the series about mating patterns in this blog demonstrated my ability to help my opponent to mate me in 5 moves in a position, were a friend said: "Impossible".

But I'm not alone. Just some minutes ago an opponent of mine managed to do the same. Look at the starting position under the question: Can white mate in 6 moves, aka how can black help white to mate him after his 5th move?

Do you believe this is impossible?

Then you are wrong.

Which square will be the one the black king is standing on when white delivers mate?

Which stone will deliver the mate?

Here comes now the short solution to all this questions:

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