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Mating patterns in 5-min-games (6) - Again the pawn

Mating patterns in 5-min-games (6) - Again the pawn

Mar 3, 2016, 1:31 PM 0

Last mate in 5 minutes games was kind of selfmate. This time you cannot say this. It was the consequence of the 9th move 9.f5. White did give up the pressure in the center and allowed a clear plan for the black pieces.

Being too weak to judge if this was the losing move, as white left out some opportunities to search counterplay in  the center, the attacking plan is clear now. So this could have been published under the line attacking patterns:

  1. Produce a weaking of the pawn structure in front of the king.
  2. Advance the pawns against the king, if possible with sacrifice options against the protecting pawns.
  3. Enter the kings chamber with your pieces to arrest her royal majesty.

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