Pawn endings (2) - Some remarks about lost points.

Pawn endings (2) - Some remarks about lost points.

Apr 24, 2016, 7:11 AM |

Out of a rook ending in this game white went into a lost pawn ending and black managed to draw it. Endings are boring? Hmm. Look into this one. :)

White is clearly a better player than I am. The pawn ending was correctly evaluated by me (black) as won. The analysis of this ending became more time consuming than I thought and it shows a lot of motives:

  1. activating the rook
  2. transition from rook to pawn ending
  3. transition from pawn to queen ending
  4. pawn race
  5. breaktrough
  6. shouldering off the king
  7. distant free pawn
  8. pawn squares


Going through this analysis should help seeing, why those endings are far from easy.