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Pawn endings (3) - Some remarks about lost points.

Pawn endings (3) - Some remarks about lost points.

Apr 27, 2016, 10:43 AM 0

The third post in this little series is the example of a pawn ending lost by a weaker player out of a better position.


  1. Keep king and pawn coordinated.
  2. Try to acticate your pawn majority. A rule that nearly always holds: Attack on the side where you are stronger! In pawn endings this means creating a passed pawn, best a protected passed pawn.
  3. The more distant pawn is often winning by deactivating the opponents king.

I hope this is entertaining for you and animates to do some work about pawn endings. It is clearly manageable to go through the pawn endings chapter of a good book. You will not only win strength in those endings but also in a lot of positions where you are better able to judge how to exchange to your advantage.

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