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Selfmate for fun and teaching

Selfmate for fun and teaching

Feb 3, 2016, 3:27 PM 2

Sometimes I like playing around too much, if your only in it for the win. Look at the following position.

It's White (me) to move and I went into this because I hadn't calculated deep enough.

There was enough time left (7 min + 10 sec. each move) so I checked the line 1. Bd3 Bh5+ 2. Kg3 Re3+ 3. Kh4 RxB 4. KxB and saw the mate in one after this line.

First thought now was a four letter word (no, not love). Second thought was "A nice mate for my kids". Third thought was "Evaluating the serious candidate moves is complicated".

In case of the exchange of the bishops it's in the worst case (losing all pawns) a draw for white. 1.Bf1 or 1.Rh2+ or 1.Bd5 seem possible and the resulting endgame is difficult.

So I allowed the 2nd thought. Black mated. I hope noone will seriously call this "sandbaggig". What I hope more is that some of the kids in the training will like this.

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