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What is development? - Italian-4-Knights Gambit Line

What is development? - Italian-4-Knights Gambit Line

Apr 12, 2016, 1:25 PM 2

Gambits are dangerous for both sides. That's why the learning chess player should go for them.

An interesting way to fight the 4... Nxe4-idea is the gambit 5.0-0. The following game shows how not to play it from the white side. One slow move allows black to keep the pawn and the white attack is still dangerous, but comparatevly easy to stand.




  1. The gambit line is dangerous, but white must play hard moves. Indifferent development moves aren't enough.
  2. So some preparation from white is necessary.
  3. Black must avoid the gambit, if he doesn't know the mainline.

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