Playing Chess on computers vs Traditional board

What is the best way to practise your chess abilities? At a traditionally board where two (hopefully) bright minds batteling each other from the very opening, thru the midgame and into the endgame?

or is the best way to improve your chess abilities in front of a computer? where you`re able to analyse your games up and down as much as you like. And find your blunders and mistakes ruined your game.

I guess my question is; do you perform better playing a lot of computerchess or are the best way to learn, the good old fashion board and chessbooks?

I guess you could say, a little bit of both but in fact it quite often feels like when I`m good online I`m no good at the bord and visa vie.

Does someone else feel that way? is it linked somehow?

Is it impossible to be steady performing at both arenas? Naturally I plays almost 90 per cent of my chessgames here at and I`ve grown much as a player due to the learning features online. Is there something to gain from playing more IRL chess?

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