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    • Chess Thoughts p. 4

      Welcome! Now we will try to get the grip of basics of basics of positional means. Positional means - way of developing piece or pieces to get the best of their potential. By basics of basics we call situation, when we will analyze each piece po... | Read More

    • Chess Thoughts p. 3

      Welcome again! Chess are complicated game. To learn how to 'make' good moves we need to divide it into some sections. 1. Positional means 2. Tactics 3. Mixing tactical and positional 4. Plan 5. Strategy Because it is hard to divid... | Read More

    • Chess Thoughts p. 2

      Hello!   Second thought on fundamentals: If you made good moves, you did not worsen your position. But you had lost your game. What that does mean? Well - you know. You did make some bad moves.   The tricky part is to get the idea of bein... | Read More

    • Chess Thoughts

      Good day! Welcome on my blog. I will provide you with my thoughts on chess.   My fundamental is straight: If you will make good moves, you will not worse your position.   Is there any use of that kind of obvious sentence? - You could ask. ... | Read More