Ukraine Shows Strength, Defeats Argentina: LC World League Week Three

Ukraine Shows Strength, Defeats Argentina: LC World League Week Three


Who is the strongest new team in the Live Chess World League? Could it be Puerto Rico? Despite being a small team and not an independent nation, Puerto Rico this week vanquished a strong Turkish team. Puerto Rico is clearly motivated and represents an active community with 444 members! Check out that exciting match here:

At the top of the league, the largest match by numbers was the Ukraine vs. Argentina match in which Argentina suffered from back to back pairings against strong teams in Russia and Ukraine. Perhaps they will win out from here?

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Match of the Week:

The defending champions, Team Ukraine, played their largest match of the so far against Argentina Live Chess. Argentina fielded another massive team with 97 players, but Ukraine had significantly more titled players and a rating advantage on nearly every board. In total, they had 29 players over 2000.

While Ukraine came on strong, their great rival, Team Russia, had some difficulties, winning narrowly against a solid Srbija Tim who even outrated them on 8 of the top 10 boards in their bullet match.

Streamer of the Week:

@UAartur (a streamer and blogger on site) has always been a core part of Team Ukraine and the Live Chess World League. He streamed Ukraine's match with Argentina, showing his admirable passion for chess and his national team.



Note: Each team plays one time against all other teams. Then the top and bottom halves in each division play the teams in their half once more with matches carrying a double weight.

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